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Connectivity and interoperability between the command and control domain and the simulation environment

Troops need full and consistent information on the latest situation to plan activities for military deployments and operations. Command and control (C2) systems are used for this. As part of the project to procure new C2 systems, research testing and evaluation is being conducted with the assistance of training and simulation methods supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

25.05.2023 | Meriem Elhosni, specialist area Communication and Electromagnetic Protection, competence sector Science and Technology

Illustration of a soldier in an operation center

Providing AI-based training and simulation methods will ensure members of the Armed Forces are well prepared for deployment in groups of varying sizes. It also saves important resources.

The importance of command and control (C2) systems when conducting operations, and increasing systems interconnectivity, is widely acknowledged in all domains. A C2 system that brings together a maximum of data available to provide a clear picture of the operational position so deployments can be planned rapidly for different units gives crucial advantages. Training and decision support tools are also essential for effective engagement.

Command and Control Simulation, C2SIM

The new command and control system IPLIS is in the process of acquisition. The C2SIM research project seeks to introduce and interconnect artificial intelligence (AI) as a way of implementing simulated scenarios realistically, supporting training and assisting decision-making in engagements. To achieve these objectives AI needs to be capable of controlling the behaviour of the enemy (red teaming) and also increasing the numbers of players simultaneously involved (blue teaming), autonomously and in complex scenarios. One of the further ambitions of the project is to put the AI through an apprenticeship based on machine learning like the ones used in the video gaming industry.

Initially the development will enable stimulation of the C2 system with realistic scenarios. Testing in extreme conditions will make it possible to evaluate limitations, including those of the underlying communication networks. The activities already completed and those still to come in the C2SIM project have been presented in the annual report of the communication research programme. Close cooperation is under way between the parties involved, the Armed Forces and armasuisse to carry out the project.

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