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Cyber-Defence Campus powers innovation

The Strategy Cyber DDPS 2021 - 2024 expands and substantiates the cyber defence measures of the Swiss Confederation. The Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus plays a lead role in the areas of innovation and research of cyber defence systems. As a competence centre connecting industry, academia and the DDPS, the CYD Campus pursues sustainable goals: the development of innovative solutions to mitigate cyber vulnerabilities and the promotion of cyber talents to assure the Swiss capability for innovation in the area of cyber defence.

21.05.2021 | Sarah Frei, Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology

Two men and a woman working intently on the testing and development of a drone technology. In the foreground a tool key can be seen, represented by a cyber network.

The Strategy Cyber DDPS 2021-2024 was adopted in March 2021. Federal Councillor Viola Amherd defines the priorities and the corresponding distributions of tasks. The CYD Campus assumes the lead in the areas of innovation and research, technology and market monitoring, cyber fellowships and forecasting in the digital domain.

A national competence network for innovation

As the connecting link between industry, academia and the Swiss Confederation, the CYD Campus has the task of maintaining a national competence network for cyber defence. Based on scientific research and the exchange of knowledge between the different actors, the CYD Campus identifies new cyber threats as early as possible and develops innovative solutions for Switzerland’s operational needs. In a collaborative effort, the Campus leverages the latest findings from universities with the development capabilities of industry, in order to address future requirements of the Armed Forces.

Empowering the innovation potential in the area of cyber defence

Human talent is key to protecting Switzerland from cyber risks. In response to the skills shortage in cyber and the increasing level of threat, the CYD Campus offers fellowships for master’s students, doctoral students and postdocs in collaboration with Swiss universities. CYD Campus fellows work on developing new solutions for key future challenges in the areas of cyber security and data science. In addition to the fellowships, numerous dissertation projects for students at all levels are defined and supervised by the team of experts at the CYD Campus. Through these highly effective initiatives, the CYD Campus contributes to talent development in Switzerland and to the creation of innovative technologies for newly emerging cyber risks.

Forecasting in the digital domain

The CYD Campus also takes the lead in the early identification of rapid developments in cyberspace using modern technology and market monitoring techniques. During hackathons and start-up challenges, new technological answers for pressing security problems are investigated. In addition, technology scouts from the CYD Campus scan the national and international market in order to track down technologies which are of great interest for the Armed Forces and the protection of critical infrastructures. The CYD Campus contributes not only with insights from its own research, but delivers innovative solutions by connecting the cyber defence industry with governmental stakeholders.