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Signing of Contract for «Schützenpanzer 2000 Nutzungsverlängerung»

On November 18, 2020, National Armaments Director Martin Sonderegger and project manager Roger Schwenter signed the contract for the «Schützenpanzer 2000 Nutzungsverlängerung» (the extension of use of the Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles CV9030). Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the contract could not be signed jointly with the general contractor, the company BAE Systems Hägglunds AB. The latter had already signed the contract in advance at the company headquarters in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

18.11.2020 | Department of Commercial Land Systems Heavy and Special Materials, Adrian Strobel

Forest Riding Schützenpanzer 2000

The contract for the «Schützenpanzer 2000 Nutzungsverlängerung» (the extension of use of the armoured infantry fighting vehicles CV9030) is part of the armaments programme 2020, which has been accepted by the Federal Councils in 2020. The goal of the extension of use is that it will be possible to use the armoured infantry fighting vehicles until 2040. The order mainly comprises the replacement of obsolete modules which can no longer be maintained due to their age. In order to improve mobility and reduce vibration-related damage to the vehicle, the fleet will also be equipped with an active damping system. The programme provides for the manufacture of two serial specimen vehicles in Sweden and the subsequent manufacture of five pilot production vehicles at RUAG AG, Land Systems in Thun. After successful verification of this pilot production, the entire fleet will be reconstructed at RUAG AG in Thun. After completion, 186 vehicles that will be simultaneously subjected to maintenance during the reconstruction will once again be available to the troops. During the usage phase, RUAG AG in Thun will continue to function as the Material Competence Centre (MCC).

The contract with the general contractor will also provide a compensation of 100% of the contract value by offset business. In this respect, a corresponding offset agreement was negotiated with the contractor in advance and signed on September 24, 2020. This offset obligation will be compensated in part by the work of RUAG AG (direct offset) and in part by orders which will be additionally awarded to Swiss industry by the general contractor.

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