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Research Program 7 - Technology Foresight

The aim of the «Technology Foresight» research program is to identify disruptive developments. As part of this program, the effects will be evaluated in a military context and the potential consequences for the Swiss Armed Forces identified. armasuisse Science and Technology is thus helping to identify future technologies that will significantly alter the military environment. The timely identification of technology trends with disruptive potential allows for risks to be addressed in good time with respect to the further development and planning of the Armed Forces. In addition, research activities in various technology areas have to be continuously monitored and evaluated.

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The extensive networking of the world today allows for an unhindered global distribution of technological knowledge with impacts on other areas. Whether in a civilian or military context, it is important to avoid technological surprises and identify at an early stage the opportunities and risks new technologies present.

In addition to short-term research programs, technology forecasting provides information on the level of maturity and the potential launch date of a technology. This allows investments to be made in mature technologies, while remaining aware of future developments. In this way, financial resources are invested optimally in the right technologies.

In order to categorise the wide range of technologies, different clusters have been defined. This allows for a structured analysis of the scientific and industrial activities to be carried out.

The following clusters have been defined:

  • Information technology and artificial intelligence
  • Communication and sensor systems
  • Energy
  • Systems
  • Space
  • Life science
  • Materials and production

The activities of the Technology forecasting research program include:

  • The development of methods and instruments for gathering information on technological developments with disruptive potential
  • The setting up of a network of domestic and international experts
  • The establishing of procedures for carrying out evaluations in a military context
  • The transfer of knowledge and findings to decision-makers in the Swiss Armed Forces.

Competence areas


Identification, development and monitoring of a national and international network of scientific experts and technological competence centres. Integration and evaluation of the relevant data streams that exist in a specific technology area as well as the development status of the streams (patents, publications, Internet, etc.). Establishment of an interest group as well as a general information platform.


Gathering, recording, saving and processing of large volumes of data in different formats. Automation of the various processes as well as the analysis of information (deep learning). Development of indicators in order to quickly understand a technology area and its development dynamics. Creation of connections between technologies, industry and the operational capabilities of the Swiss Armed Forces.



Methodology and instruments for conducting themed workshops. Platform for visualising technologies and the connections to military capabilities, industry and products. Organisation of a projection into the future (scenarios, animations, etc.) in order to evaluate potential uses. Preparation of structured documents that can be read quickly and allow the reader to rapidly identify the important information.

Development of the TechnoWarGame methodology, which is based on the NATO DTAG (Disruptive Technology Assessment Game) principles. 

Technology demonstrators

Technische Plattformen

Monitoring the wide range of technological developments is an extremely diverse and demanding task that can scarcely be dealt with by individual organisations alone. This is why, as part of the Technology forecasting research program, armasuisse S+T is taking a crowd-sourcing approach, which involves academic institutions, industry and SMEs. Thanks to the open-source platform, information can be comprehensively gathered on technologies and their development, evaluations can be carried out on the level of maturity of the technologies and this information can be displayed clearly and transparently.


CREDO is a tool for helping people to make decisions in complex situations. It allows experts to visualise different scenarios and analyse the effects of a change being made to a target. Based on a PALF structure («Personal, Ausbildung, Logistik, Führung» – «personnel, training, logistics and management»), actual and target situations can be compared with evaluated uncertainties.


An active and wide-ranging network of partners from the professional world, academia, universities and other research institutes in Switzerland and abroad is utilised and maintained in order to develop expertise. In order to keep track of skills and capabilities, close contact and an exchange of information is maintained with end users and the planning, procurement and test centres of the DDPS.

Research Program Manager

Research Program Manager
Dr. Quentin Ladetto

Our «Technology Foresight» research program manager is delighted at your interest!


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Research Program Manager

Dr. Quentin Ladetto

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