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Research Program 7 - Technology Foresight

Technology Foresight: Inform-Educate-Inspire

Forschungsprogramm Technologiefrüherkennung

The aim of the Technology Foresight research program is to identify disruptivetechnology trends. It will assess their implications within a military context and indicate possible consequences for the Swiss Armed Forces. armasuisse Science and Technology is contributing to the identification of future technologies that may significantly change the military environment. Identifying potentially disruptive technology trends in good time will allow risks affecting developments and planning for the armed forces to be addressed in a timely manner. This requires the continuous pursuit and evaluation of research activity across a variety of technology areas.



Areas of expertise


Identifying, developing and monitoring a national and international network drawn from scientific experts and centers of technological excellence. Integrating and analysing the relevant digital data streams which exist within a particular area of technology together with the development stage which that area has reached (patents, publications, internet, etc.). Building up a network of experts and a shared information platform.


Capturing, recording, storing and processing large volumes of data in a variety of forms. Automating the various procedures and information analysis (deep learning). Producing indicators allowing a technology area and its development dynamic to be rapidly understood. Creating links between the technologies, industry and the operational capabilities of the armed forces.


The methodology and tools for conducting thematic workshops. A platform for visualizing technologies and their links to military capabilities, industry and products. Development of future projections (scenarios, animations, etc.) to evaluate potential use. Producing structured documents that provide information that can be read quickly and absorbed rapidly.

Technology demonstrators

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Keeping track of the entire spectrum of technological developments is an extremely wide-ranging and challenging undertaking that will be virtually impossible for individual organizations to tackle on their own. Consequently, armasuisse S+T's Technology Foresight research program is pursuing a crowd sourcing approach involving scientific institutions, industry and SMEs. By using an open source platform, information about technologies and their development can be collected in full, evaluated as regards their maturity level and presented in an easily understandable form. Mor information on

Research Program Manager

Dr. Quentin Ladetto

Our "Technology Foresight" research program manager is delighted at your interest!


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Research Program Manager

Dr. Quentin Ladetto

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