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Research Program 4 - Impact, Protection and Safety

Know the effects, reduce risks, increase protection and safety

Wirkung, Schutz und Sicherheit
Forschungsprogramm Wirkung, Schutz und Sicherheit

Switzerland attaches great importance to security. To make competent assessments of national safety and security issues, knowledge weapons and ways of providing protection against them is indispensable. The ‚Impact, Protection and Safety‘ research program being undertaken by the Science and Technology (S+T) competence sector at armasuisse monitors the development of defence technology in the area of chemical, kinetic and electromagnetic effectors. Protection concepts are designed and investigated in order to minimize the consequences of attacks against our own forces and infrastructures. Expertise is being specifi cally developed within research projects and with partnerships. 

Areas of expertise


A comprehensive overview and knowledge of the potential effects of current and future threats and weapon systems; basic principles and technical expertise in respect of the internal, external and terminal ballistics of thermokinetic weapons and electromagnetic effectors; technical expertise regarding safety for handling and storage of explosives, incl. vulnerability, ageing and environmental impact.

WTF_FoPrgm4_KF2_mobile Objekte

Basic and specialist knowledge for assessing modern protection concepts for mobile platforms; ballistic protection; protection against mines and electromagnetic effectors (lasers, HPE); reducing mass and volume of armours while retaining the same level of protection; ballistic and thermal properties of modern composite materials; electromagnetic shielding potential of nanomaterials.


Expertise in protecting infrastructure and buildings against thermokinetic and electromagnetic effectors; assessing the dynamic properties of construction materials such as fibre-reinforced concrete; concepts for the structural hardening of buildings; shielding of important infrastructure from high-power electromagnetic fields.


Modelling and simulation of the external and terminal ballistics of thermokinetic effectors; calculating electromagnetic effects, including non-ionizing radiation; basic principles for material models; numerical simulation of highly dynamic phenomena.

Technology demonstrators


In collaboration with RUAG Defence, the possibility of providing active protection against flechette-type munitions and long rod penetrators was examined. Trials were conducted with ammunition calibers of between 30mm and 120mm. The results illustrate the feasibility of such active protection systems and show the degree of precision, both as regards timing and locational accuracy, which needs to be achieved to provide the necessary protective effect.


Model charges with easily reproducible terminal ballistic properties were developed in collaboration with GDELS/Mowag. The projectiles will demonstrate similar characteristics to IED charges found in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will be used to examine and, if necessary, improve the protective properties of passive protection systems.

WTF_FoPrgm4_TD3 Thermobarics_2

Terrorist attack scenarios have to factor in the likelihood of ever greater charges at close effective ranges. The effects of large explosive charges and providing protection against their destructive potential are being examined.

Research Program Manager

Dr. André Koch

Our 'Impact, Protection and Safety' research program manager is delighted at your interest.


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Research Programm Manager

Dr. André Koch


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