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Research Program 3 - Cyberspace and Information

Information superiority through technological lead

Cyberspace und Information

The armed forces' operational capabilities in cyberspace are becoming increasingly important. The 'Cyberspace and Information' research program is developing the necessary expertise so as to extend traditional military capabilities in the areas of intelligence and command and control into the operational  domain of cyberspace. This is  achieved through research projects, demonstrators in laboratory  environements, and experiments in real-life environments.



Areas of expertise


Digital interconnectedness leads to information and communication infrastructures being increasingly misused by criminals, terrorists, intelligence services or for the purposes of power politics. New security technologies and cyber defence concepts are being examined to identify threats at an early stage and to increase resilience to them in cyberspace.


Having the right information of the right quality at the right time is essential for operational command and control. Expertise is developed so as to be able to assess the latest information systems and architectures in view of the increasing volume, speed and heterogeneity of data from cyberspace (the big data problem).

armauisse W+T Forschungsprogramm Cyberspace and Information
Forschungsprogramm Cyberspace and Information

Modern analytical processes mean that data from a range of sensors and sources of information have to be combined and presented in a uniform context. Activities focus on new semantic and probabilistic ways of fusing and visualizing information so as to keep track of the situation and issue alerts.


Acquiring information from publicly accessible sources in cyberspace offers fresh opportunities but also involves significant risks. New procedures for acquiring information will be examined and various approaches evaluated so that the interests and the identity of the people searching for information can be better protected.

Technology demonstrators

Main social networks connected by a triangle mesh
Main social networks connected by a triangle mesh

Analysing information from social media presents novel technical and analytical challenges. A demonstrator is being developed at S+T to investigate and present in a simple way technologies and procedures for acquiring information from, analysing and visualizing data obtained from social media.

Research Program Manager

Dr. Vincent Lenders

Our "Cyberspace and Information" research program manager is delighted at your interest.


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Research Program Manager

Dr. Vincent Lenders

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