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Research Management

Never before has the pace of technological progress been so rapid. This is the fundamental driving force behind the development of modern armed forces and a key factor in the successful conduct of operations. Research carried out today generates the knowledge needed to meet our country‘s future security requirements. In this sense, research is an investment in safeguarding future expertise and thus represents a basis for reducing any planning and procurement risks to our security forces.

Aufklärung und Überwachung

The Reconnaissance and Surveillance research program being undertaken by the specialist Science and Technology competence sector at armasuisse is working on five capability-oriented areas of expertise within the overall sphere of ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance). To this end, new ways of acquiring information are being identified and the technical and scientific expertise needed to fill the armed forces capability gaps is being developed. This will be achieved with the aid of a multilateral collaborative network.

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Information and communications technologies develop rapidly, and their development cycles are correspondingly short. There is therefore a risk of technologies becoming obsolete within a foreseeable period. This risk needs to be countered by employing new solutions which balance technology against cost. In order to develop the necessary technnological and scientific expertise, technology monitoring studies, research projects, and field and laboratory trials are carried out and demonstrators are built. A multi-lateral collaborative network is available for this purpose.

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Cyberspace und Information

The armed forces operational capabilities in cyberspace are becoming increasingly important. The 'Cyberspace and Information' research program is developing the necessary expertise so as to extend traditional military capabilities in the areas of intelligence and command and control into the operational domain of cyberspace. This is achieved through research projects, demonstrators in laboratory environements, and experiments in real-life environments.

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Wirkung, Schutz und Sicherheit
Forschungsprogramm Wirkung, Schutz und Sicherheit

Switzerland attaches great importance to security. To make competent assessments of national safety and security issues, knowledge weapons and ways of providing protection against them is indispensable. The 'Impact, Protection and Safety' research program being undertaken by the Science and Technology (S+T) competence sector at armasuisse monitors the development of defence technology in the area of chemical, kinetic and electromagnetic effectors. Protection concepts are designed and investigated in order to minimize the consequences of attacks against our own forces and infrastructure. Expertise is being specifically developed with the assistance of research projects and partnerships.

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unbemannte mobile Systeme
Forschungsprogramm unbemannte mobile Systeme

Unmanned mobile systems will fundamentally change the field in which security forces operate. There is a wide range of potential applications, extending from information gathering, monitoring, protection, disruption, deception and explosive ordnance disposal to logistic tasks. Autonomous systems significantly reduce the potential risks to which people are exposed and are thus ideally suited to carrying out missions in hostile environments. The aim of the research program is to safeguard technical and scientific expertise for assessing the operational use of autonomous systems on the ground and in the air. Operational opportunities and risks will also be demonstrated. Ultimately, the program also aims to support Swiss security policy in matters relating to ethics, international law and arms control in conjunction with autonomous systems.

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Forschungsprogramm Technologiefrüherkennung

The aim of the Technology Foresight research program is to identify disruptive technology trends. It will assess their implications within a military context and indicate possible consequences for the Swiss Armed Forces. armasuisse Science and Technology is contributing to the identification of future technologies that may significantly change the military environment. Identifying potentially disruptive technology trends in good time will allow risks affecting developments and planning for the armed forces to be addressed in a timely manner. This requires the continuous pursuit and evaluation of research activity across a variety of technology areas.

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