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Cyber Security and Data Science

Security organizations are increasingly reliant on reliable and secure communication and information-gathering means. Close attention, therefore, needs to be paid to technological developments and threats in cyberspace. This means that information security is not merely a matter of technology. Adequate effectiveness of protective measures need to be continuously verified and tuned with the responsible agencies for them to act quickly and effectively in care of a cyber attack. Attacks of this type occur soundlessly and without warning, and the slightest weak point can result in major damage.


Risk analysis of information and communication systems


The effectiveness of security plans and security measures needs to be constantly validated under operational and threat scenarios. Plans are reviewed and formal information system audits are conducted for this purpose. These can be supplemented by verification and penetration tests for assessing the suitability, robustness and reliability of measures for protecting the flow of information.

Information management and information security management


A central task performed by information management and information security management is to design and improve control and performance delivery procedures in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). This includes continuously and comprehensively assessing strategy, objectives and outcomes, and the potential risks to the ICT function.

Developing «cyber-defence» expertise


The Armed Forces are reliant on precisely targeted monitoring of developments in technology with respect to threats. Scenarios which include possible courses of action and sustainable, risk-based protective measures are defined for the long term. To achieve this, we design and implement prototypes and demonstrators. This allows decision-makers, developers and users to close the gap between aspirations and specific requirements and to manage complexity.

Cyber-Defence Campus


Thanks to its wide-ranging expertise and international competence network, the Cyber Defence Campus is the link between the DDPS, industry, academic institutions and hacker communities when it comes to all things related to cyber security. To be able to keep one step ahead of cyber threats and developments in this area, the CYD Campus works closely with academic institutions such as the ETHZ and the EPFL and, where possible, also involves partners from industry.

CYD Campus

Sciences and technology Cyber Security and Data Science
Dr. Vincent Lenders
Feuerwerkerstrasse 39
CH-3602 Thun
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Sciences and technology

Cyber Security and Data Science
Dr. Vincent Lenders
Feuerwerkerstrasse 39
CH-3602 Thun