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Research associate at the CYD Campus receives professorship at the University of Lausanne

From November 2021 Dr. Mathias Humbert, research associate at the Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus, will take on a new challenge as Professor at the University of Lausanne. His research work and the supervision of student projects at the CYD Campus have, on the one hand, awakened his passion for teaching and, on the other hand, enhanced his abilities and qualifications with regard to obtaining the professorship.

02.11.2021 | armasuisse Science and Technology

A head consisting of many individual luminous dots wearing VR glasses looks at a laptop screen. A person sits in front of this screen and also points towards the screen with a pen.

One of the strategic goals of the Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T), is to promote talents in the field of cyber. With this in mind, armasuisse S+T congratulates Mathias Humbert on his tenure as professor at the University of Lausanne and looks forward to future cooperation with him in the areas of cyber security and data protection. At the University, he will lecture in the Faculty of Business and Economics in the Department of Information Systems. He will hold the lectures on «Cyber Security» at Master’s level and « Internet and Networks» at Bachelor’s level.

Mathias studied Computer Science and Communication Systems at EPFL Lausanne and at the University of California (UC), Berkeley. His interests lie at the intersection of privacy protection, cyber security and machine learning. He uses machine learning and data analysis to detect cyber threats and evaluate data protection risks in different contexts. During his two-year employment at the CYD Campus, Mathias has already supervised numerous projects by students.

Mathias sees his work at the CYD Campus as an important milestone in obtaining his professorship. He can now use the experience he gained at the DDPS to his advantage in his new position. The new task will enable him to continue combining teaching and research. As a professor at the University of Lausanne, he will continue to promote the long-term cooperation between the CYD Campus and his department in the areas of cyber security and data protection. With his research and teaching, Mathias is thus contributing, among other things, to the implementation of the Cyber DDPS Strategy. The aim of this strategy is to significantly increase Switzerland's ability to act in cyberspace. 

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