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Producing uniforms – sometimes custom-made uniforms are required

Members of the Swiss Armed Forces (AdA) who cannot be assigned a clothing size of the dress uniform 95 require a custom-made uniform. Each year, armasuisse procures around 80 adjusted trousers and jackets. In addition, there are all the uniforms for the Armeespiel (Swiss Armed Forces orchestra), with around 20 specially adjusted trousers, jackets and waistcoats.

18.03.2021 | Ron Bertolla, Commercial Goods sector, Purchasing and Cooperations competence sector

The brass band of the Swiss Armed forces wears a black uniform with red stripes.
The brass band of the Swiss Armed forces wears a black uniform with red stripes.

When choosing the supplier, it was important that they are able to recognise and implement complex changes in dimensions, such as posture corrections, without changing the nature of the uniform. For simple changes, the supplier is sent measurement sheets with the necessary information, which are filled out by the members of the Armed Forces at the equipment locations. For complex adjustments, it is the task of the supplier to measure the future uniform wearer, to determine the adjustments and to implement them.

The articles are produced according to armasuisse’s technical specifications. As the AdA is situated in the RS or in the WK, rapid production and delivery of 10 to 15 days is required. The demands on a supplier are correspondingly high.

Swiss expertise required

The Swiss company Schuler Manufaktur 6418, specialised in custom-made uniforms, has been supplying the Armed Forces with custom-made uniforms for women since 2014, and the entire product range has been with the family business, established in 1942, since January 2021. In their production facilities in Rothenthurm, the company has sufficient capacity to be able to produce the appropriate quantities for the Armed Forces.

Promoting efficient cooperation

Several people with different native languages are responsible for approving the dimensions and the most important linguistic regions of the Armed Forces are thus covered. In addition, like armasuisse, they work with the pattern-making system «Lectra», which eliminates the need for any conversions. There have been neither any delays in delivery nor any problems with quality since custom-made uniforms have been procured for women. We had problems with both quality and delivery schedules with the previous supplier. As a result, we decided to change to the company Schuler. This now enables us to exploit synergies, as the same materials are used for both women and men. The training offered by the company to members of the Armed Forces, who take measurements at the equipment locations, has also proved effective.