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Which technologies will we use in the future?

armasuisse S+T has designed the Technocast project together with its research partners. The project is intended to demonstrate which technological applications are accepted by people and how well. This should help to obtain a better understanding of existing applications and provide insight into which technologies can be developed most quickly.

29.12.2020 | Dr. Quentin Ladetto,Department Research Management and Operations Research

Symbol image FantasIA by Technocast
Symbol image FantasIA by Technocast

As part of the research programme Technology Foresight, armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T) has designed and implemented the Technocast project together with the collective for foresight and design fiction Le Coup d’Après, the Toelt AG and the University of Basel. Technocast wants to experiment with new forms of statistical studies. Various applications of a game-oriented nature have been developed for this purpose, which illustrate and simulate the use of future technologies. In the applications, the users are integrated in an environment in which it is possible for the researchers to observe the decisions and thus the opinions of the users. This should enable the developers of Technocast to obtain a better understanding of existing applications and opinions on complex technological areas – both in the civilian and military sectors. In addition, Technocast will be used to develop fictional narrative techniques, in order to gain a contextualised positioning of the prevailing social acceptance.

A better understanding of acceptance limits

Using Technocast, it should become possible for the researchers to recognise how well the use of various technological areas are accepted in military and civilian societies. They assume that a positively perceived technological application has a better chance of development than a negatively perceived application. This means that an understanding of the acceptance of applications in an area of technology should provide insights on which applications could be developed most quickly.

FantasIA – a podcast experience in the future

FantasIA is the first application of the Technocast project. The podcast is an interactive and immersive sound experience in which the listener plays their own role. The action takes place in the near, likely future. Inside an amusement park on an eventful day, the listener becomes the human consciousness of an artificial intelligence – Anna – who manages the security of the park. The listener is confronted with realistic dilemmas and has to take decisions to use Anna’s options and to guarantee safety in the park.

FantasIA is an original format for analysing the future of a player in the defence sector. On an interactive and game-oriented basis, it enables the question to be extended beyond the military area and the acceptance of technological usage to be measured in civilian society, in addition to the military area, which is the focus of attention.