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Lively exchange at the first DEFTECH event this year

At the first DEFTECH event of this year, experts from five different countries held presentations with various different focus areas on the topic of «High Altitude Platforms». Almost 120 participants took part, both physically and online.

22.09.2020 | Department Research Management and Operations Research , Dr. Quentin Ladetto and Dr. Ulrich Langer

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After the last DEFTECH event had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first DEFTECH event of this year took place on September 17, 2020. In Thun, under the moderation of Quentin Ladetto and Ulrich Langer, a total of 13 specialists held presentations on the topic of «High Altitude Platforms», known as HAPs. HAPs are planes, airships or balloons that move or remain in the stratosphere at around 17 to 22 kilometres above the ground. As already shown on several occasions, they have the potential to be used for a variety of services in the future.

For the first time, the event took place both physically, in compliance with the Corona rules, and online with image and sound transmission. The result was a mixture of presentations on location and experts who were connected online from the various different time zones. The many questions and ideas came both from the audience in Thun as well as the participants at their computers and led to a lively discussion despite all concerns. In addition to the interesting and informative presentations from manufacturers and specialist experts, the DEFTECH event also offered the option of extending one’s own network. First experiences with this two-part form of implementation were also gained. Apart from a few minor problems, the event proceeded under this setting without any major issues. Initial feedback was positive and the many advantages from the point of view of the organisation as well as participants prevailed. The implementation showed that new technological options can offer a real added value when applied sensibly.

DEFTECH - Defence Future Technologies - is part of armasuisse’s Science and Technology research programme  «Early Technology Detection». Its aim is to recognise disruptive technological developments and to assess their consequences in a military context. The next DEFTECH event will take place on November 10, 2020. It will address the topic «Human Machine – Interface and Interaction». The event is free for everyone. Registrations are accepted from the end of September.