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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

08.05.2019 | armasuisse external relations


Theory in the morning…

Still a little bit tired from yesterday’s trip to Central Switzerland, the schedule for Wednesday included eight presentations, four in the morning and four in the afternoon. The series of presentations was kicked off by the Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Philippe Rebord. In his presentation, he provided the international guests with insights into the Swiss Armed Forces. SWISS ASD then gave a detailed report from an industry perspective on the attitude of the Swiss industrial associations to Switzerland's role in European security and defence. The guests then enjoyed a well-earned lunch break in order to recharge their batteries for the afternoon session.

… and in the afternoon too…

A representative from the SECO Arms Control and Arms Control Policy department provided a further administrative perspective on the official topic of “The future of European Defence”, which also emphasised the importance of export controls on armaments. The participants from the defence and armaments sectors were also delighted with the final presentation of the day, which discussed the roles and tasks of the Joint Operations Command.

… including group work

Today was a demanding day, with the attention of the audience starting to slip after a total of eight presentations. Nevertheless, a sense of personal initiative was required for the last part of the day – as the second group work exercise was held. The participants sat down in their groups and worked through their tasks, with some being more focused than others. Following this last activity, the participants were given the rest of the day to do as they please.

Quote from a Swiss participant

SERA 31 is extremely useful for me. On one hand, I have just met a large number of interesting people with whom I can discuss our ideas and concepts as a benchmark. On the other, the industry visits have shown me the direction in which developments on the battlefield are going.