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Thursday, 9 May 2019

09.05.2019 | armasuisse external relations


A change from the day-to-day business

As per the rhythm of the previous days, three guided visits were on the agenda for Thursday. The participants thus convened in Berne in the early hours of the morning, before making the journey to Thun together. Here, the 80 leaders and budding executives were provided interesting background information by the Mechanised Training Centre, armasuisse Science and Technology and GDELS MOWAG over the course of the day.


General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag GmbH is an important player in the Swiss armaments industry, in the same vein as Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG and RUAG Aviation, for example. The participants were thus provided with information on the company and its products by means of a presentation.

armasuisse Science and Technology programme

At armasuisse Science and Technology, Dr. Thomas Rothacher gave the participants a presentation on his area of expertise. The highlight of the visit was the visit to the test centre for explosives and ammunition monitoring, which included a demonstration. 

Mechanised Training Centre (MAZ)

Here, the participants were given an impressive demonstration of the numerous simulators housed at the military training area in Thun. Looking at the way the participants’ eyes lit up, it was clear that they found this visit to be extremely interesting. The Mechanised Training Centre in Thun is one of the most modern military training centres for tanks and artillery. 

Quote from a foreign participant

Thank you very much for successfully organising the SERA 31 sessions in Switzerland.
It has been great to see the programme that was announced months in advance come to fruition.