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armasuisse – «Great Start»

Based on a survey carried out among its apprentices and the training concept in place, armasuisse has been awarded with the “Great Start” certificate, thus making it one of the best training organisations in Switzerland. The investments we have made in the training of young employees have been recognised and we will continue along this path in the future with the same level of enthusiasm.

20.06.2019 | Helen Ruiz, Director of Vocational Education and Training

Lernendenlager 2018


Our main priority is to monitor the apprentices and provide them with assistance at every stage of their apprenticeship until they successfully graduate and prepare them for the world of work.  We want to give them a practical and interesting education in an environment in which they feel safe and can play their part. The aim is for them to be able to look back on the apprenticeship as a good period of their lives.

Helen Ruiz, Director of Vocational Education and Training, armasuisse


«Great Start» evaluates a training centre as being good if the apprentices trust their work colleagues, are proud of what they achieve and enjoy working there. It also factors in how the apprentices are integrated within the company, the ways in which they are motivated, the development opportunities they are offered and the way in which they are showed recognition for their efforts.

armasuisse scored well in all areas and can therefore now refer to itself as one of the best training organisations in Switzerland.

The statement issued by Marcus Maurer, Head of HR at armasuisse, also underlines the fact the armasuisse pays close attention to its apprentices and their training:

Apprenticeships are one of the main focuses of the Swiss federal government’s Human Resource policies. It is our job, both now and in the future, to provide apprentices with first-class training in a wide range of professions and thus make a significant contribution towards the diversity of the professional world in Switzerland as well as to the future economic strength of the country. armasuisse holds an active interest in this issue in an extremely challenging environment and attaches a high priority to apprenticeships, both now and in the future. We see the apprentices as valuable employees and colleagues who are committed to contributing to the outstanding performance and culture of armasuisse.


armasuisse will continue to invest in the training of young people in the future and looks forward to welcoming many more new apprentices.

For further information, please see our newly created Great Profil.



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