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Signing of contract for the replacement of vehicles for the tank sappers

On 2 May 2020, National Armaments Director Martin Sonderegger and project manager Benjamin Mazenauer signed the contract for the replacement of vehicles for the tank sappers. The contract was signed in Bern together with Giuseppe Chillari, CEO GDELS-Mowag. Altogether, 60 vehicles of type PIRANHA IV will be procured. Delivery of the vehicles is expected from 2026.

05.05.2022 | Lucas Ballerstedt, specialist area Communications, competence sector Resources and Support

Armaments chief Martin Sonderegger and MOWAG CEO shake hands


According to the Armed Forces Dispatch 2021, 60 new vehicles of the type PIRANHA IV with weapon station will be procured to replace the M113 tracked vehicles for tank sappers which have been in service since 1963. Various additional systems and front-mounted attachments will also be supplied as part of the project. These include 60 clearance blades, 24 manipulator arms and 12 mine clearing ploughs. The credit commitment for this procurement is altogether 360 million Swiss Francs. The new vehicles will be produced in Switzerland by the company GDELS-Mowag.

The current tracked vehicles will reach the end of their service life in 2030 and need to be replaced. With this new procurement, the capabilities of the tank sappers can adapt to the current threats, in particular to the changed nature of the conflict and the increasingly heavily built-up terrain.

A PIRANHA IV is in a field.


The PIRANHA IV vehicles to be procured are distinguished by their high level of protection of the troops and are at least as flexible and mobile as comparable tracked vehicles. In addition, the new vehicles comply with stricter emission standards and consume significantly less fuel. They are thus more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than the vehicles currently in use. The PIRANHA IV are also characterised by their adaptability, as each type of frontal attachment can be mounted onto any light wheeled tank.

This variant of the PIRANHA IV is to be used accordingly from 2026 to 2055.

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