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Cyber-Defence Campus Conference 2022

This year’s Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus Conference will take place in the Kursaal in Bern on 26 October 2022. The key issue of the Conference will be ensuring future digital infrastructures. The CYD Campus is looking forward to welcoming experts and interested parties from the government, business and science at this Conference.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 9:00am
Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 6:00pm

Kursaal, Bern

A key task of the CYD Campus is to facilitate the collaboration of science, industry and government in the area of cyber defence. To this end, the CYD Campus regularly organises public events on cyber topics relevant to defence and security. At this year’s Conference, experts from academia, government and industry will hold talks on key issues in the area of securing future digital infrastructures.

The Conference will be opened by Roger Halbheer, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft. In his talk, he will discuss the potential challenges of future digital infrastructures, which solutions already exist and where there is still a need for development.

This will be followed by presentations on key topics such as the role of new technologies and developments in the area of communication networks (5G+), the global financial system, the consumption and dissemination of (dis)information and cryptography. Based on selected challenges, Prof. Dr. Florian Tramèr from ETH Zurich will go on to take a critical look at the role that machine learning could play in the protection of future digital infrastructures. The series of presentations will be rounded off with insights into the impact of increasingly complex and globally networked digital infrastructures on the conception and implementation of cyber defence exercises that are as realistic as possible, such as Locked Shields.

The conclusion of the event is dedicated to the international cyber startup scene.  At this point, the three finalists of this year’s CYD Campus Cyber Startup Challenge will present their submitted technology solutions. The winning startup will then be chosen by a jury consisting of experts from the DDPS. The Conference will take place one day after the Swiss Cyber Storm Conference, which will be held at the same location on 25 October 2022.











Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach, Team Leader Cyber Security CYD Campus


Securing Future Digital Infrastructures

Roger Halbheer, Chief Security Adviser, Microsoft


Communication Infrastructures - 5G and Beyond

Philippe Vuilleumier, CSO, Swisscom


Coffee Break



Machine Learning to the Rescue - Risks and Opportunities

Prof. Dr. Florian Tramèr, ETH Zürich


Cybersecurity and Resilience of Future Finance Ecosystem

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber, University of Zürich


Unlocking Digital Identities – The Journey and Path to a Digital Society

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO, Delinea





National Test Center - Securing Future Cyber-Physical Systems

Dr. Raphael Reischuk, Head of Cyber Security Services, Zühlke Engineering AG


Securing the Future of (Dis-) Information

Dr. Raphael Meier, Scientific Project Manager  CYD Campus


The Future of Cybersecurity Training

Davide Serrago, Commander Bat 42 / Lina Gehri, Consultant at KPMG in the Cyber Team


Coffee Break



Technology Market Monitoring for Cyberdefense
Dr. Alain Mermoud, Head of Technology Monitoring & Forecasting Observatory, Cyber-Defence Campus


Trends in Data Protection and Encryption Technologies

Valentin Mulder, Study Coordinator, Cyber-Defence Campus


Panel Discussion on the Future of Cryptography, Challenges and Key Technologies

Dr. Orestis Alpos, Cryptology and Data Security Research Group, University of Bern


Linus Gasser, Lead Developer, Center for Digital Trust (C4DT), EPFL


Dr. Pascal Bettendorff, Senior Manager, Head of Emerging Technologies, AWK Group AG


Dr. Nikos Karapanos, Co-founder & CTO, Futurae


Cyber Startup Challenge

Finalists: narrowinONEKEYSepio

Dr. Colin Barschel, Head of Innovation CYD Campus



Closing Remarks

Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach, Team Leader Cyber Security CYD Campus




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